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Hey creators, marketers and public figures

Did you know the number one reason you aren’t growing your online audience fast enough is that you aren’t being seen or heard in a noisy world? 🤔

Which means you’ll never be able to make more of an impact in people's lives than you are today.

Luckily, there's a simple way for everyone to find and discover who you are and what you do online in one place✌️

Meet Snappycard 🚀

Share multiple links in one link! Use one link to connect your audience to all of your content helping you get more followers, clicks, sales, and profits 🥳

How The Smart Linking Works

Share Multiple Links in One Link For Free

Copy and paste your Snappycard link on all of your social media profiles connecting your audience to all of your content instantly.

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Grow your audience and reach more people

With unlimited links, you'll be able to share all of your latest articles, social posts, videos, websites, podcasts and more which means all of your content will be seen and heard online in a single link.

Quick and easy to use even if you're non-techie

 Not a developer or a designer? No problem! Creating a Snappycard takes seconds. Use our simple editor to create your own custom Snappycard fast with our built in features or integrate the third-party services you already use.


Powerful Features So You Can Create Multiple Links In One
To Showcase What You Want

  • Upload your own profile and cover photos so you can look professional which means more people will see you as the expert
  • Use your own custom domain so you can build trust with your audience which means you’ll be seen as the expert
  • Add social networks so you can grow your following which means your message can be seen and heard more often
  • Contact forms so you can grow your email list which means you can communicate directly with your audience in one click
  • Add embed codes, iframes and scripts so you can use third party services which means you can connect all of your services you already use
  • See in-depth analytics so you can find what engages your audience which means you can create better content

Created By Influencers For Influencers

Kristen Andrews
Kristen Andrews Influencer, Brand Strategist

Snappycard really is the only link you’ll ever need. Influencers no longer need to spend thousands of dollars and hours on a custom website. Snappy card IS your website. It does everything you need and more!

Jonathan Bodnar
Jonathan Bodnar Owner,

Snappycard is genius. Other in-bio links are limiting and leave your audience confused. I love SnappyCard because it leads my audience where I want them to go which brings more value to my company and saves me a lot of time not having to build a lead page.

Grant Kantsios
Grant Kantsios Entrepreneur

Snappycard is EXACTLY what I was looking for! Somewhere to put all of the links to my social media and my websites to make sure people can find what they need. I’d recommend it to anyone with an online presence.

Frank Ortega
Frank Ortega Content Creator

As a creator with multiple different channels, it’s honestly hard funneling your followers to the specific channel they are looking for, with Snappycard it’s been really easy to promote all my pages and they can even watch a video DIRECTLY FROM MY SNAPPYCARD! It really is a game-changer and perfect for any influencer!

Jon Westbrook
Jon Westbrook

Snappycard is the solution I’ve been looking years for. Finally I can attach all the links to showcase my services in one spot. LOVE THIS!

Brandon Champney
Brandon Champney Creator

Awesome! Everything you need in one place. For all your current contacts and future clients. Very cool!

Designed Perfectly For

  • Landing Pages
  • Resumes
  • Micro-sites
  • Linktree
  • Contact Card
  • About You / Bio
  • Team Pages
  • Appointment Booking
  • Relator Profile
  • Sales Page
  • Digital Business Card
  • Messenger Page
  • Live Video Feed
  • Event Info
  • Speaker Profiles
  • Birth Announcement
  • Personal Website
  • Musicians
  • Wedding Info
  • Bands
  • Events Calendar
  • Conference Info
  • Podcasters
  • Your Cool Idea...


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